Orquídea Cine is an ensemble of Argentine directors and producers who collaboratively develop feature films, short films and series with a clear authorial imprint.

With independent projects, both fiction and documentary genre, they achieve recognition in Development Laboratories as well as in International Festivals. Directors and films that seek to be part of the emerging contemporary Argentine cinema.

Cecilia Kang



She was born in Buenos Aires in 1985. She studied Filmmaking at E.N.E.R.C. She won a scholarship at the “Cinema Lab” dictated by Martín Rejtman and Andrés di Tella at UTDT. She participated in the workshop “labour in a single shot” dictated by Harun Farocki and Antje Ehman. She made several short films that took part of international film festivals, such as “Videojuegos” (Videogames) that was screened in more than 30 festivals around the world (Berlinale 2015, Official Competition “Generation”; Biarritz International Film Festival 2015, International Competition; Oberhausen Short Films Festival, 2015, among others) and obtained different awards (Best fiction at FICIQQ 2015, Best Direction at  Festival Latinoamericano de Video y Artes de Rosario 2015, among others). During 2016, “Mi ultimo fracaso” (My last failure), her fist feature film, was released in the Argentine Competition of the 18th BAFICI (2016). The movie participated in several festivals and also obtained awards (Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata; New Authors Panorama (2016); EPA, Festival Internacional de Cine de El Palomar, International Competition (2016); FIDBA, “Firs Works” Competition (2016); CineMigrante, Festival Internacional de Cine y DDHH del Migrante, Argentina (2016) – Special Mention “Signis” and Special Mention in the International Feature Films Competition; Festival de Cine Inusual de Buenos Aires (2016)- “A. Farina” Award to Best Documentary and First Mention of the Official Documentary Film Competition; “Transcinema” Festival Internacional de cine de no-ficción; Argentine Panorama; Lima, Perú (2016); among others)


Simone Bosshart 

Executive Producer

She was born in 1984 in Switzerland, where she finished her secondary school and book-trading studies. She started working as an intern at a well-known independent production company in Zurich, Switzerland.

In 2006, she moved to Argentina and began her studies at CFP SICA. From then on, she resides in Argentina and works in the production area for different national production companies (Patagonik, Magoyafilms, etc), as well as for the Swiss studio Plan B Film.


She was Production Manager in more than 15 short films, including “Las Pelotas” (“The Balls”) by Chris Niemeyer, and “Rosa” by Mónica Lairana, which were screened in many international festivals (Cannes and Locarno amog others) and won many significant awards.

She was Production Coordinator of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival in 2017.

As executive producer, she worked on two short films that won the Historias Breves (Short Stories) competition organized by the INCAA (National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts) and developed the web series “REMORAS” (“Suckerfish”), winner of the INCAA federal competition.

Currently, she is developing the documentary film “Las Galaxias” (“The Galaxies”) by Guillermina Pico.

Miguel Zeballos


Miguel Zeballos, born in Patagonia at the end of 1976, is currently developing his work between Neuquén and Buenos Aires. As a teacher, he has taught in film workshops in Argentina and Costa Rica.

Some of his outstanding works as director and screenwriter are:

“El Desembarco” (“The disembarkment“), initiates the Trilogy of Self-Destruction. His first work has been exhibited in Buenos Aires and Bogota.

“El Naufragio” (“Shipwreck” - in post production) and “La Marea” (“The tide” - in development) completes the trilogy.

“El Naufragio” was selected to participate in the Talent Campus Buenos Aires.

“A Vanishing memory shows its last flashes”, his second film, was shot in various formats of photography and video and has been exhibited at festivals in Peru, Uruguay and Argentina.

- “A burning continent”, documentary-essay. A lonely woman, in a territory marked by cold and helplessness, a voice reflecting on emptiness, memory and death.

Francisco Ymaz

Content Producer

Born in Buenos Aires, 26-year-old Francisco has done about everything.


Awarded advertising copywriter, night-club DJ, freelance writer, content producer and whatever experience his curiosity leads him to.


Graduated from the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) with a Communications degree, he is currently developing a series of audiovisual proyects in search of new creative adventures.

Soledad Laici

Executive Producer

Born in Buenos Aires, 38. She has been working in the audiovisual industry for 15 years within the production area and is a freelance producer for national advertising, international production services, feature films and documentaries.

As a feature film producer, she participated in the following independent films: “El Desembarco” (The Disembarkation/2012) - Argentina – 66 minutes. Director: Miguel Zeballos. (selected at Muestra Internacional de Cine Ciudad de Bogotá - 2012) (selected at Competencia oficial Festival Transterritorial de Cine Under - Argentina 2012). “El Naufragio” (The shipwreck”). Director Miguel Zeballos, (selected at Talent Campus Buenos Aires - BAFICI 2012).

Currently, she is carrying out the executive production of the following projects: “Un Continente Incendiándose” (“A burning continent”, 2017) , Director: Miguel Zeballos, Subsidized by INCAA Documental digital, “Un Cine en Concreto” (“A concrete cinema”, 2017) Director: María Luz Ruciello, documentary film selected at the fifth and sixth DocuLab of Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara, México, subsidized by INCAA Documental digital, Internationally premiered at the 34 Miami Film Festival 2017, Cinelatino Toulouse 2017, Signes de Nuit, Italy. April 2017 and 7th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival-17, April 2017 (Winner: Best Documentary Director award), Bring Jean Genet´s Heart to My Frenzied Night, (under development stage),  and “Hijo Mayor” (“Oldest son”) Director: Cecilia Kang, (under development stage), attended to Buenos Aires Lab (BAFICI 2017), where it won an invitation to attend to Marche du Film production workshop in Cannes in May, 2017.

Luz Ruciello


Based in Buenos Aires, Luz studied Image and Sound at Buenos Aires University (UBA).
Since 2002 she works in feature films and commercial ads as an assistant director and as a script supervisor.
Some of his outstanding works as director:

"Un Cine en Concreto" ("A Concrete Cinema") Argentine. 77minutes. 2017. Selected in:

- 34º Miami Film Festival

- 29émes Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse, France

- 15º Signes de Nuit. Urbino, Italy

- 7th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival-2017. Best Director Documentary Winner.

Also she directed three short films that were selected at major festivals and has won several awards.

"Seis horas así” ("Six hour like that") Short film. 2001

“The Alcoholic” Videoclip Winner Genero.tv. Röyksopp. Album Senior.  2011

“Madreselva” Experimental short film. 2015.

"La Creciente" ("The Rising"). Documentary short film. 2016

Florencia Percia


Florencia Percia was born in Buenos Aires in 1984, she studied Film Direction at Universidad del Cine.

She wrote and directed several short films such as Minimercado Champion (2010;, El poblado (2014) ;  El mes del amigo (2016)

She participated in the Workshop Labour in a Single Shot by Antje Ehmann and Harun Farocki (Buenos Aires, 2013). Her work, Dry Cleaner (2013), was part of the exhibition Labour in a Single Shot at Montreal, Athens, Łódź, and Bangalore.

Her first feature film Cetáceos (2017) won the 6th Federal Contest of Feature Length Projects, award for Project Development "Raymundo Gleyzer" (2013), and obtained support from INCAA (the National Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute) for the realization of the project, which won also the 4th Project Development Fund of Istituto Luce Cinecittà - Italy 2014.

Now she is writing her new project Recalculando.

Juan Urgell


Juan Urgell is an audiovisual director and producer with experience collaborating with social organizations in the development of projects. He has produced and directed institutional videos, short documentaries and reports on social and economic issues, as well as videos and musical projects. He is currently executive producer of On the Road Media. His first short documentary as a director, Lok'tavanej, Cazador de Imágenes (2017), was selected in the International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City DocsMX 2017 in the official section of short films, among other Mexican festivals. He is currently developing several documentary projects, including the treatment of the documentary series Pintores de la Luz about Mexican photographers. He has recently received an award from the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (IMCINE) for the development of a documentary about the life of a young Indian in Chiapas who seeks to emerge as a professional martial artist. This documentary project has also been selected to participate in the Plataforma MX Development Workshop of the DocsMX 2018 Festival.