Vida de Gallos

Writer: Francisco Ymaz & Francisco Rivara
TV Series - In development stage


Three hip-hop loving friends will do whatever it takes to keep the lights of the ring from going off and this underground culture from disappearing, hitting hard with every rhyme.


Quinto Escalón, the biggest freestyle rap competition in Latin America, has come to an end. Now, South American hip hop has lost it’s mayor event, threatening both the underground culture and the appearance of new talents. Because the Quinto was made by no other purpose than that of the love for rap.


To avoid going back to the shadows, a young trio of friends decide to organize their own contest, in which rappers battle against each other in lyrical duels in order to gain their respect and the title of street champion.


But the road won’t be easy. They’ll have to face not only egos and shady interests, but also fight against their fears and face their own demons.


The battleground is set, both on and off the stage: rap versus trap, underground versus mainstream, street rep versus fame.


Each one of them has something to give and much to lose.

Enter the ring. Welcome to Vida de Gallos.


The first rap battle I attended blew my mind. A friend of mine showed me some videos and we decided to go. The energy of the rappers, the power of the public, It felt just as a football crowd, but instead of goals they were celebrating rhymes!


Words have become relevant again. The competitors go against each other with everything they have, but they end up hugging each other. Respect goes out for the creative and talented, insults and mocks based on how the other one looks are rejected. Hip Hop preaches talent but also effort, and everyone willing to join is welcome, regardless of where they come from, what matters is your values and how you act.


That’s why, in a world every time more and more narcissist, I want to showcase this culture that’s not been shown and is exploding right now. It’s popularity is growing among the young, and what started in the streets and parks now fills stadiums and top ranks the music charts and social networks.


We are hip hop.

- Francisco Ymaz.