Las Galaxias

“The Galaxies” – Director: Guillermina Pico

Producers: Guillermina Pico & Simone Bosshart
Coproducer: Orquídea Cine

Creative Documentary – 70min – in development stage


Selected project in NOVOS CINEMAS#LAB de Ideas Tutors: Mariana Barassi, Santiago Fillol, Ramiro Ledo y Nathalie Trafford. July 2017, Galicia, España.

Selected project in Taller PROA Cine 2018 Tutors: Rodrigo Moreno, Martín Rejtman, Alejo Moguillansky, Laura Citarella y Gema Juárez Allen entre otros. March to May 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


4 th National Festival Gral. Pico – La Pampa – Development LAB

June 2018


Winner of the Metropolitan Found of the City of Buenos Aires


Winner of the the National Art Fund – Becas de Creación


Three women from different origins. Their stories, interwoven by patches of the imaginaries of the Italian, Ranquel and Syrian identities entwine with the dust, the stars, the desert and the welcoming flatlands of La Pampa.


Las Galaxias starts from the origins of three women living in the Argentine province of La Pampa and looks for an approach beyond the personal biography. It goes along the subtle connections among the generations, through the intimate speech linked to a past, with other resounding stories, a myth and a collectivity, weaving a canvas where the ever-changing and the eternal mix together.

The lost languages are the result of historical conflicts and currently tense relations with the differences in an inhabited territory that, on the surface, is perceived as peaceful and uniform. The languages that are not used for survival and adaptation start being part of the private world, the unconscious and the memory; they keep to themselves all their orienting force and their cultural richness, since they are neither told nor transmitted to the next generations.

The female characters with their inner worlds and the Pampas landscape with its skies are the elements of reality that compose the framework of this galaxy of heterogeneous myths from the intimacy that I want to create. A constellation without center where we can reimagine the construction of femininity and heritage: cultural, biological and familiar.


In my work, I explore the personal identity through gender, the relationships, the family history and the deepening of inner landscapes. “Las Galaxias” is a project at writing stage, which explores, through a creative author driven narrative, the circumstances of three women living in the province of La Pampa. Three women with different origins whose lives are marked by the relationship with the land and an ancestral language that they don’t know, or will no longer use in order to adapt to a new reality.

In the collection of these stories, I find a chance to build other narratives regarding identity. Through voices that are so different and yet so close in their territory, I will allow myself to invade and track their imaginaries, their adaptation, the speech as a device to assemble stories and inherit them, the particular forms to adjust oneself to a certain life.

To resume the personal myths and review the intimate universes that shape our relationship with the world and the nature. That is why the astronomical perspective and sky landscapes are so important in the film. In La Pampa you see the best skies of your life.