No sé

"I don´t know" - Writer: Francisco Ymaz
Tv Series - In development stage


The existencial anguish that every millennial feels.


Fran is dumped by his girlfriend and breaks out of the bubble he was living in. Now he has no other path but to dwell in the uncertainty of his generation. He never took much part in social networks and selfies, until he had to go back out there.


It is then that he discovers the new ways millennials have to deal with relationships, work, sex and even drugs. Little by little, this world seduces him and it is in this weak state that he searches where to belong.



This proyect comes up from what I lived the past year. My girlfriend left me for another guy, my job sucked and I felt everyone was doing great but me. In retrospective, it wasn’t that bad.


Because by loosing it all I found myself again. And I could discover that in the end, behind our social network profiles, we are all going throught the same.


Nowadays, we millennials have much more opportunities. Our generation is in constante change, breaking the rules and preconceptions on work, relationships, sexuality, drugs, motivations, everything is questioned and nothing is defined. But all this freedom also brigns doubts, insecurities and new fears.


I want to show how we feel. What happens between likes. The daily search to define ourselves. And what we all have said at one point or the other: “I don’t know”.

- Francisco Ymaz.