Un Cine en Concreto

"A Concrete Cinema" - Director: Luz Ruciello

How do we measure our passion? A Concrete Cinema draws close to the intangible spell that is implied by the need to somehow belong to film, to give something back to it, even if we feel it is impossible. The film tells the story of Omar, a construction worker from a small town in Argentine who rejects the idea that big screens may disappear. He will do anything he can to preserve that which he has held on to since he was a child, even though he has to build it with the remnants of what was. Omar’s pipe-dream, with its joys and sadness, with its bricks to the wind and ramshackle seats, with an old, rusty projector and some hand-written cards, carries the satisfaction and calm of a mission accomplished.

2017 // 77´  // COLOR//  DCP

Documentary / Argentina



Omar Jose Borcard

MariaTeresa Castro

Evangelina Borcard

Nicole Benitez Borcard

Directed by Luz Ruciello
Executive Producer Maria Soledad Laici

Cinematography Lluis Miras Vega
Film Editing Carlos Maria Cambariere (EDA)

Sound Javier Stavropulos (ASA)
Music Maxi Prietto
Digital Colorist Sebastian Guttman
Edition Assistant Guillermina Chiariglione (EDA)

Research Celina Eslava
Graphic Design Maria Pia Vivo


2013. 2014. Selección quinto y sexto DocuLab del Festival de Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara, México.

2015. Subsidio INCAA Documental digital.

2017. Competencia Oficial 34th Miami Film Festival

2017. Selección Oficial Cinelatino Toulouse.

2017. Signes de Nuit, Italy. April 2017 –

2017. 7th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival-17. "Award for Best Documentary Director”

2017. 20 th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF)

2017. 21 st Festival Internacional de Lima. Película Apertura

2017. 41st Sao Paulo International Film Festival

2017. 32nd Mar del Plata Int Film Festival, Argentina. 

2017. XX Ícaro Int Film Festival. Guatemala

2017. 32nd Trieste Latin American Film Festival

2018. New View Media Gruop Argentine Film Screenings, Beijing, China.

2018.  24ª Mostra de Cine Latinoamericano de Catalunya, Lleida, España

2018. 16 th. Ischia Film Festival, Ischia, Italia.

2018. 6th FIDBA, buenos Aires, Argentina