"Video Games".
Director: Cecilia Kang

Rocío can´t deal with the idea of separating herself from Melina, her best friend, who is about to move out and switch schools. Her pain and frustration quickly turn into fierce rivalry and danger. The growing tension between the two friends arrives at a critical point when they decide to face each other ina a "Pump it up" challenge at the arcade where they meet everyday.

Video Juegos

Short Film

Director: Cecilia Kang

Script: Virginia Roffo

Producer: Cecilia Kang

Executive Production: Julieta Graffigna

Production Manager: Mariano Nahas

Cinematography: Diego Saguí

Editing: Sebastián Agulló (SAE)

Sound Design: Francisco Pedemonte

Art Director: Lucía Gasconi

Costume Design: Julia Kovadloff

Original Musicl: GUAZUNCHO

Cast: Nina Suárez, Violeta Soto, Mora Arenillas, Paloma Urquiza, Fabián Arenillas, Jorge Suh

• Berlinale, Berlin International Film Festival - “Generation” Of. Competition; 02/2015; Alemania.

• FICIQQ, Festival Internacional de Cine de Iquique – “Best Narrative Short”; 02/2015; Chile.

• La Pedrera Short Film Festival; 02/2015; Uruguay.

• Festival de Cortometrajes “La Mujer y el Cine”; 03/2015; Argentina.

• International Short Film Festival Oberhausen - Children’s and Youth Film Competition; 04/2015; Alemania.

• UNCIPAR, Jornadas Argentinas e Internacionales de Cine y Video Independiente; 04/2015; Argentina.

• Festival Internacional de Cine de Huesca, Competencia Iberoamericana; 06/2015; España.

• Ventana Andina, Festival Internacional de Cine; 07/2015; Argentina.

• Festival Cine del Mar; 07/2015; Uruguay.

• Festival de Cine de Lima; 08/2015; Perú.

• International Film Festival “Nueva Mirada” for Children and Youth – “Special Mention”; 08/2015; Argentina.

• Mirada Oeste, Festival de Cine de Godoy Cruz; 08/2015; Argentina.

• CineFem, Festival Internacional de Cine de la Mujer; 09/2015; Uruguay.

• Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine, International Competition; 09/20145; France.

• FLVR, Festival Latinoamericano de Video de Rosario - “Best Director”; 09/2015; Argentina

• AniFestROZAFA, International Film Festival for Children and Adolescents; 09/2015; Albania.

• VLAFF, Vancouver Latin American Film Festival; 09/2015; Canada.

• Festival Cinematográfico, Visión Ribereña – “Special Mention”; 09/2015; Argentina.

• Curtocircuíto – International Short Film Festival; 10/2015; España.

• Naoussa International Film Festival; 10/2015; Grecia.

• FestiFreak, Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente; 10/2015; Argentina.

• Muestra de Cine Iberoamericano; 10/2015; Nicaragua.

• FICValdivia, Valdivia International Film Festival; 10/2015; Chile.

• Mar del Plata International Film Festival, PANORAMA; 10/2015; Argentina.

• Shnit International Short Film Festival - Playground Buenos Aires; 10/2015; Argentina.

• ARCIPELAGO – International Festival of Short Films and New Images; 11/2015; Italia.

• Cipolletti Cine, Concurso Nacional de Cine Independiente; 11/2015; Argentina.

• Curta Cinema, Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival; 11/2015; Brasil.

• Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de la Habana; 12/2015; Cuba.

• Brussels Short Film festival - Off Competition “Carte Blanche Biarritz”; 04/2016; Bélgica.

• Dire©toras, uma mostra/ciclo de curtas metragens dirigidos por mulheres do Brasil, Alemanha,

Argentina e Uruguai, Programação Cultural | Kulturprogramm, Goethe-Institut Porto Alegre; 04/2016; Brasil,

• International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival; 05/2016; Turkey.

• Bâsta Film Festival, International Competition, Best Director “Golden Indication” award; 07/2016; Bajina Bâsta, Serbia.

• Bluestocking Film Festival; 07/2016; Portland, Maine, USA.